The blank page offers so many possibilities, but sometimes words simply aren’t enough. Sometimes you need a little extra oomph to get your point across. Are you envisioning detailed illustrations as an integral part of your storytelling? Or do you want a simple finishing touch for your project? Whatever the case may be, I’ll create memorable visuals to complement your work.

Flowing lines, circles, and curling spirals characterize my illustrative style. I love the texture and tactile quality of ink, graphite, and layered colors. Given the opportunity, I’ll happily blend elements of fantasy and abstract design into any project you put in front of me. If you have a specific aesthetic in mind, I’ll do my best to adapt my style to suit your needs.

I’ve tailored my illustrations for use in books, games, prints, and educational material. You can also find my artwork on shirts, cards, stickers, and more. Scroll down to see samples of my work customized for unique projects.

Contact me with your questions or for a quote for services.


Title page and chapter images for Catherine Stein’s Potions and Passions series:


Digital sketches for Not a Mourning Person in process:

Half-page illustrations for Ray Nothnagel’s Afterverse RPG sourcebook:

Planet illustrations for Ray Nothnagel’s Afterverse RPG sourcebook:

Katakana phonetic illustrations for Katie Suttles’ Japanese-language courses:


Card game graphics for Seo Crosby’s Game of Oppression: Poe’s Law:

E. McAuley original designs:


Do you have something special in mind for your own project? Contact me with your ideas.

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